Important Information about India Visa Extension Online

What is the India visa extension online?

Due to the severe situation of Covid-19 pandemic, flights have been suspended and borders have been closed. Therefore, many foreign nationals cannot leave India, though their visa has very limited validity left. With the Indian visa extension online, foreigners in India can easily extend their visa validity and stay in India legally until they can fly back to their own country.

Extend Visa

Indian visa extension online is an online form where foreign nationals in India provide some necessary information and documents to extend their visa validity. The online application makes it very simple and easy to extend India visa. All the information and documents can easily be provided online, reducing face to face meetings, hence, reducing the spread of Covid-19.

Indian government has been taking measures to deal with Covid-19, including country lockdown.

Indian government has been taking measures to deal with Covid-19, including country lockdown.

Who can apply for the India visa extension?

India visa extension helps foreigners to legally overstay their visa validity in India, so anyone intends to do so should have their India visa extended. However, not that anyone can apply for the India visa extension. Only foreigners that are staying in India can extend their India visa.

What type of India visa can be extended online?

Many types of India visa can be extended online.

Many types of India visa can be extended online.

There are many types of India visa that can be easily extended online as below:

  • E-visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Transit visa
  • Visa-on-arrival
  • Films visa
  • Mountaineering visa
  • Double-entry visa (only for Bangladesh nationals)
  • Visitor visa (only for Pakistan nationals)

Foreign nationals with other types of India visas that need visa extension can also contact us for detailed instructions.

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Necessary documents to extend India visa

In order to extend India visa, foreign nationals have to provide 4 documents: passport, visa, personal photo, and residence proof.

  • Passport

Applicants need to provide a scan of the bio-page of their passport. The scan has to be in color and clear enough to see all the personal information.



  • Visa

A scan of applicants’ visa is required to process India visa extension. This visa has to be the newest India visa that the applicants have. The scan has to be in color and clearly show all the information on it.

  • Personal photo

The India visa extension applicants also have to provide a personal photo. The photo has to be in color, taken recently, and meets the requirements as a passport photo.

  • Residence proof

Applicants are also required to provide the residence proof to prove that they are in a specific address in India. The residence proof could be one of the following documents:

- The most updated form C generated by Hotel/Lodge or

- Registered/Notarized Lease Deed or

- A copy of the utility bill along with a copy of the photo-ID of the Landlord with the declaration.

Whichever type of residence proof applicants send us, it has to be in color and clearly show all the information.

Please note that:

- All the documents should be in PDF format and each file size should not exceed 1MB.

- The photo should be in JPG format and its file size should not exceed 1MB.

In each specific situation, India visa extension applicants may need to provide some more documents. Therefore, after providing us all the correct necessary documents as listed above, please keep in touch and check email regularly for further instructions. 

Check Required Documents for India visa extension for more details.


Extend Visa

Advantages of the India visa extension

The online application for India visa extension is made hassle-free and very convenient for anyone to apply with many advantages:

- The whole India visa extension process is made completely online so that applicants can access anywhere, anytime.

- All the required information and documents can be easily sent and edited online, so no hard copy needed.

- No face-to-face meetings are required when applying for the India visa extension online, so the risk of Covid-19 infection is reduced.

- With our side by side support, your India visa extension applications are double-checked to make sure the information is correct and the documents are compliant with the government’s requirements.

For any further inquiries and instructions, do not hesitate to contact us via our email, hotline, or chat.

Check India visa extension guidelines for more information.

Extend Visa

Keep social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Keep social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Extend Visa



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